My Favorite Balenciaga T-Shirts

Although Balenciaga seems to be a fashion brand in the eyes of the public, it mainly deals with shoes, handbags, and clothes, but they still have some streetwear combinations worth buying.

For many people, spending hundreds of dollars on a T-shirt is not worth it, but as long as it is something you like, the first thing you consider is not too expensive but whether I can afford it.

This is the case for me. I have been fond of this fashion brand since I started wearing Balenciaga sneakers a few years ago. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read my experience of buying the Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

Later, when I found out that I needed to buy a few summer clothes, I thought, why not try it? I am prepared for what will happen next.

To be honest, in all Balenciaga T-shirts, many of my choices seem to be repeated. They have a lot of experience styles, but most brands are like this, the same model makes many different items.

I first purchased one of the most classic patterns, Coke T-Shirt. From the appearance, the style is very simple, in line with my style. So I only consider whether it is so comfortable to wear.

Initially, I bought this T-shirt on FarFetch. It arrived within the estimated delivery time. This is very smooth.


The workmanship is very delicate, and the fabric is made of pure cotton and is very comfortable. I put it on and walked outside, because my area is not very hot, so I hardly sweat.

All in all, if you only buy it for its quality, I think it may not be worth it. But with the small Balenciaga Logo, its price tag suddenly changed.

I started to calculate my finances, and then I thought I could not go on like this. If it is for jackets or other clothes, I will spend money willingly, but for T-shirts, this price is not acceptable to me.

So I started looking for UA Balenciaga Shirts. Originally, I just wanted to know if they could make clothes of the same comfortable material. Later, I proved that my guess was correct.

I bought two Balenciaga Big Logo T-shirts and they are great. I can wear them to walk anywhere, without worrying about getting dirty and washing, while enjoying the false vanity.

Anyway, I found and organized some great websites that sell Fake Balenciaga Clothing. They are great.

Later, I bought sweaters and jackets, and they were able to accompany me through many winters. And cool autumn.

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