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How many people think that the products of Balenciaga are actually a bit ugly? But even more surprising is that it is so popular. But the fact is that I started to like their shoes three years ago.

First, about myself.

My name is Stuart Conlin and I live in New York. You must know that New York is one of the most inclusive cities. In the process of growing up, I have met many people of all kinds and tried dozens of different activities. And in the end, running is still my favorite. That’s why I like sportswear more and I love all kinds of great sports shoes.

After graduating from college, my salary was enough for me to have a small apartment in New York and live comfortably. After paying the necessary bills, I invested most of my money in purchasing outfits. Start with sneakers, then hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, and finally back to sneakers. I can’t resist those really cool things.

After seeing Balenciaga’s sock shoes for the first time, I thought to myself, what is this? I didn’t even plan to buy it at all. But it did impress me so much that after a while, I suddenly wanted to give it a try? So I got my first pair of sock shoes.

It was very exciting at first, I admit that I thought it was strange at first, but when I put them on my feet, my God, I feel like I don’t wear shoes!

After two days, I have completely fallen in love with these special shoes. In fact, it should be called Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer. The name is great, I think I can run faster after wearing it.

Later, I bought more Balenciaga products one after another. They were all great, and none of them I did not like. Includes Triples S, hoodies, T-shirts, and slides.

However, the story always has a turning point. There is a year, my work was bogged down, and my income was almost halved. I can’t continue to bear the money I spent on buying clothes and shoes. I was depressed for two months.

Finally, one day I started to find a subreddit about fashion on Reddit. It was a very amazing place. There are a lot of cheap replicas for sale. I started to understand them in depth. Later I knew that these transactions were strictly not legal, but they still exist because so many people need them and so many people make a living from him.

I started to buy replicas. The first time I still started with sock shoes, or we say Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer. After a month, I received it. The result is surprising. I can’t see the difference with the speed trainer I first purchased! This makes me feel like I wasted a lot of money.

However, after several failed experiences let me know that there are not so many good quality items, I was lucky for the first time. I started looking for more trusted sellers and good quality fake Balenciaga shoes, most of them from China, selling cheap but 1:1 quality items, not just Balenciaga. But Balenciaga shoes are still my favorite.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Replica

Although wearing fake Balenciaga shoes seemed like heretics when I could afford real things, I had no choice. I am fanatically fond of these things printed with Balenciaga if I want to support my own habits. The only thing that bothers me is buying from the right dealer.

Until now, HypeUnique seems to be my best choice to buy these shoes. Because after trying many sellers, their services and product quality are my favorite.

In a word, the workmanship is great! I like their service, very quickly and promptly. I can’t see the difference between the fake Speed ​​Trainer I bought and the fake Triple S.

I usually have some friends who have seen how I like these shoes. When I walked carefully in front of them wearing a fake Balenciaga speed trainer, nobody realized what had changed. I tried more times afterward, wearing different items, but no one could realize. I didn’t think about it anymore, their workmanship was really great.

Triple S Sneakers Replica

Triple S is another representative series of Balenciaga, it includes dozens of styles, anyone can find their favorite colors. But before I bought them, I saw many people complaining that they were too heavy. Later I knew this was because its triple midsole was large. I started to worry that I couldn’t find a suitable seller, a seller who could do a great job in all the details.

However, the desire for these shoes made me quickly place an order at HypeUnique, and the result was surprising. From a variety of details, these shoes are perfect. Both the material and the structure are excellent.

There is also a reason to buy them. Many people use these shoes to provide themselves with a higher height. Hahaha, but I already have 6 ‘1″, I don’t think I need to be too deliberate.

Regardless of which shopping site’s rankings, Balenciaga Triple S will be able to enter the list of the most popular 1% sports shoes.

Soon I walked around wearing it and didn’t care what I walked by.

This is not good, though (poop)

Balenciaga Slides Replica

When I go to the pool, I will put on my pool slides. At first, I didn’t care what kind of flip flops or sandals I was wearing. But then I found slides of Balenciaga. They are so expensive!

Out of the temptation to try, I bought two pairs of fake Balenciaga slides (I have never bought real Balenciaga slides). When I wore them, although my feet didn’t feel any difference, I felt happy as a whole. I know I want it.

I think I must be crazy, but I think the happiness I bought for money is also true happiness. When I wore them, I felt the happiness that I didn’t have before. I like them. And this is the same as the psychological activities of people who buy luxury goods, I think.

The Highest Quality of Fake Balenciaga Shoes

Looking for the best Balenciaga shoes? Read on, I want to share with you the best Balenciaga shoes on the market, starting with my shopping experience. These high-quality fakes will make it difficult for experienced discrimination experts to start.

In trendy fashion, Balenciaga has always been able to lead the trend. Since launching the speed trainer, they have started leading fashion.

Unfortunately, only a few people can experience their products. And the continued popularity of these Balenciaga items means that prices will continue to rise. When we see a pair of triple S that we like very much, we can’t just throw a credit card on the counter. Even the behaviors I squandered for them before can’t keep up with the continuous updating of the new style.

This is why there are more counterfeit products of branded products with higher retail prices. These markets continue to heat up, and low-end inferior goods are everywhere.

But really avid people don’t want triple s or speed trainer with flaws in details, what we want is really perfect shoes. They can save our way of life.

With the trend of fashion trends, people’s daily life is around with fashion chasing atmospheres. In daily life, the demand for shoes is increasing, and some people really like design ideas. But there are also many people who consume blindly. So many people are keen to buy design products, these products have reached a feverish level.

However, with the expansion of the brand market, the status of replica designer shoes will be inevitable. Today, we take the Balenciaga replica designer shoes as an example to introduce you to the 5 best replica designer shoes websites with cheap price and good design.

What is a replica?

Now there is another name called “knockoff”. We often hear “Balenciaga Triple s replica” means “Balenciaga Triple s knockoff”. Because the cost of the copy is very low, the selling price is relatively low. Therefore, it is very popular among buyers. The market for replicas is very large, so more and more Balenciaga shoe suppliers are joining it.

My Favorite High-Quality Replica Seller – HypeUnique

HypeUnique has expanded many markets with very attractive prices and high efficiency. Users can browse and purchase in different languages ​​including English. When the user knows enough and decides to place an order, HypeUnique quickly transfers the order to the delivery partner. HypeUnique also sells many other street fashion and fashion brand products at very attractive prices.

Why do so many people buy replicas?

Cheap. The price of a replica is only one-tenth or less of the original. But it has more than 95% genuine quality. And you don’t feel distressed by a little scratch.

Vanity. When friends around you are carrying tide brand bags and wearing big-name clothes, you will definitely feel something inside.

Quality. Now the quality of replicas is getting better and better, and it is no different from the authentic. But the quality of many genuine products is not even as good as that of replicas. As the price of the brand gets higher and higher, more and more people choose replicas.